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We make people move forward to create belonging, stronger self-esteem and healthier companies. Running is our movement and tool for breaking down barriers, strengthening groups and increasing productivity.

We are passionate runners with long experience of coaching where we strive to make running accessible, easy and engaging.

e are ready to meet your needs and have running groups for all types of exercisers and certified coaches who can guide accordingly.

All you have to do is put on your running shoes - we take care of the rest.

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From home

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With Urban Tribes, you get coach-led running sessions from a distance

LIVE Running means running coaching in real time using Zoom. Up to 99 other people can participate, although everyone run from their own location, no matter where in the world they are at the time of the class.

How it works
The participants meet in a virtual meeting room. During the class, microphones and video are muted for all participants so that only the coach is heard.

The running classes are all 45 minutes long and start with a warm-up of 15 minutes. Because you run where you are, it is entirely up to you how you choose to perform the warm-up like all other parts.

The warm-up is followed by the main workout, which consists of intervals of about 25 minutes. The length of the intervals range from 15s-6min. The coach will guide and cheer you on throughout the class. After completed intervals, the coach is available for questions and chitchat. Cool down is done individually.

Group training

Take the office out on the trail

Take the gang out and have fun together

We offer four different levels

We want running to be fun for everyone. Hence, we offer four different concepts. 

1. Start2Run

Developed by behavioral scientists and experienced running coaches for beginners who want to get started jogging.

No previous knowledge or training is required to run in the group and the workouts offer a variation between walking, jogging and strength exercises. The participants practice running on flat ground, downhill and uphill. The idea is to try running in a calm and safe environment. The Start2Run session is 45 min.

Level of difficulty

2. Run Proud

For people who run occasionally and wish to improve.

The participants are met by new approaches and tips / advice on how to proceed to develop their running and improve their health. The focus is on finding a flow in the run and no one is left behind. The prerequisites are that you can jog for 10-15 minutes continuously. The Run Proud session is 45 min.

Level of difficulty

3. Run Happy

An inspiring running group where joy, variety and inspiration are at the center.

It is challenging interval / speed play classes where the joy of running permeates the experience. The participants are met by inspiring and surprising classes. Suitable for groups where experience and speed vary. Regardless of level, from experienced to the slightly newer runner, everyone finds their place in this group. The prerequisites are that you can jog for 20 minutes continuously. The Run Happy workout is 60 min.

Level of difficulty

4. Run Tough

A challenging running group where performance is at the center, developed by international running coaches and former elite runners.

These are tough interval workouts where the participants are challenged both mentally and fitness wise. The participants are met by effective, challenging and motivating sessions. Suitable for the competition-oriented individual. It is required that the group is relatively level and the individual conditions are that you can run 30 minutes continuously. The Run Tough workout is 60min.

Level of difficulty

Some of our clients

Urban Tribes evokes the joy of training and running. Through your experience and variety in training, there is space and challenges for all of us in the team, regardless of form.


We are really happy with the coaches and all the service. Only positive comments from everyone who participated.


Much better to network with customers on the running track than the business lunch.


This week’s best energy boost is achieved together with awesome instructors and fantastic colleagues


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