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A running world is a happy world.

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Urban Tribes.


We believe in creating a better world through movement and our movement is running - something we want to make both easy and accessible so that as many people as possible get the chance to run.


We have running groups for companies and online training (LIVE Running) for private individuals. Our goal is to make running as easy and accessible as possible.


We have experienced and certified coaches who strive to convey a sense of security that makes the participants feel that it is enough to put on a pair of running shoes.

Urban Tribes

Running coach for you and your business

Running training live for individuals

Regardless of whether you live in Stockholm or another place in the world, you have the opportunity to run for free with our running coaches through Zoom.

Running training for business

Is there any better business activity than combining benefit with pleasure? Lace up your running shoes and we will meet outside your office.